A First for Everything


Lucy has always been my huntress. She chases all things: squirrels, birds, squirrels, rabbits, squirrels, moles, squirrels. She loves to hunt but never catches anything.

There is a first for everything.


I look at my phone when I get to my school this morning and notice I have missed two texts and a phone call from home. “Oh, no!” I think. This can’t be good. I quickly open my phone to read the text messages. I am greeted with this image.

Lucy and Bird

Shivers race along my spine. “Eeek!  What is that? Is it alive?” The questions pop into my brain faster than I can process them. Whatever it is, I am completely grossed out.

Tonight at dinner, Scott shares more of the story.

Lucy took herself for a walk when I let her out.  When she came home, she had this.  You could say she was protecting your garden. Earlier this morning, there was a bird messing around in your garden. I let Lucy out and she comes back with this. You could spin this and say she was being helpful. She was really proud she had this bird. She wasn’t dropping it for anything! She was chasing Max and I trying to give it to us.

“Dad,” Max replies. “The bird in the garden was a robin. The bird she brought home was NOT a robin.”

“I like Dad’s version better, Max,” I say emphatically. “Lucy was showing those birds who is boss around here. They won’t be messing in my garden again!”

Sam looks down at Lucy. “You can hold your high now, girl. You actually caught something!”

A first for everything.


3 thoughts on “A First for Everything

  1. Pets just want to please. Too bad what pleases dogs does not always please humans. Hopefully her hunting days are in the category of “been there, did that” and not a daily occurrence. Lucky you not to be home!

  2. I love dogs but bringing me animals dead or alive is not the joy they think it is.

    My dog brought me a half-alive rat once. I’m not a screamer, but I definitely screamed then.

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