Together but Separate

We sit.  We sit in the living room.  Together but separate, we sit in the living room.  All of us on our various electronic devices. Sam  is on his tablet. Max is on his phone.  I am on my laptop.  Charlie and Lucy have taken up their respective positions.  Charlie is on the floor.  Lucy is next to me on the couch. Both of them are snoring.

In the living room we sit, together but separate.

This week I heard on the radio that now it is not about how much time that you spend with your kids that matters.  What matters now is what you spend your time doing with them.  According to the researchers, if you want to be a parent that makes an impact on you kids, you need to do things together.  Go places.  Make memories.

I see what they are saying, but I also disagree.  I can’t make all of our time be about fun and games and “grandness”. Sometimes I have to be the adult that lays down rules.  Sometimes I have to be the adult that says, “Go clean your room.” And sometimes I will be the adult who is tired. In those times, we will just sit and veg in the same room, and that is ok.  That is real.

So here we sit.  Together but separate.  And Max looks up and whispers loudly to me, “Hey, Mom.  I love you.  I wanted you to know.”

I grin. “I love you, too,” I whisper back.

He shoots me a smile.

Those researchers don’t have a clue.


One thought on “Together but Separate

  1. Sometimes it’s the presence that counts, not the activity. I really liked the repetition and the flipping of sentence parts in this. Have a great weekend!

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