Donut Traditions


“Mom, when can we get Krispy Kreme donuts while we are at Grandma’s this week?”

Sam is already thinking about donuts and we aren’t even in Springfield yet.  My son has a sweet tooth bigger than mine.

Going to Krispy Kreme is kind of our thing.  When we are at my mom and dad’s house, Sam and I will get up before all the others are awake and drive to Krispy Kreme to get breakfast.  We can’t go through the drive-thru because then we would miss our free fresh, hot donut.  So in we traipse.  Sam and I have been doing this together since he was two–maybe even before then.  We go in, munch on our free donut, order a ton more for everyone else, put the coveted Krispy Kreme paper hats on our head, and drive back.  We stop at my grandfather’s house along the way and drop off his donuts.  We are the donut delivery people.  We are a team-working together to spread a little sunshine in the early hours of the day.  It is our ritual.  It is our tradition.


It is 11:00 pm and I am saying good night to the boys.

“Sam, are you going to go with me in the morning to get donuts?”

“Don’t I always go?”

“Well, yeah.  I just wanted to make sure you still wanted to come.”

“Of course I do.  Let’s just not go too early.  After 8:00 would be good.  Ok?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

I smile at my donut buddy.  My heart has a happy glow.  My donut buddy and me.  Working to spread a little sunshine. Together.

Forever?  Probably not.  But we will do it together tomorrow.

I love my donut buddy.

krispy kreme


6 thoughts on “Donut Traditions

  1. Wish I had a doughnut buddy. These are the best of times, maintaining traditions. I like the way you insert just enough dialogue. You are a pair spreading the sunshine via doughnuts. You answered my wondering from the previous post. Enjoy you time here.

  2. We lived near a Krispy Kreme when we did a 2-year stint in Little Rock, Arkansas, more than 10 years ago…this was the ritual I had with my boys, too! Only if we happened to be driving by and the red light was on…then, in we would traipse, as you write. So much fun! And I’m not sure there is anything more delicious than a warm Krispy Kreme donut!! Thanks for giving me this trip down memory lane. Here’s hoping Sam joins you for this for many more years to come!

  3. That’s adorable! My mother and I used to bring my great-grandmother donuts (or KFC depending on time of day) every weekend when I was little. I had completely forgotten about that little ritual! Thanks for reminding me!

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