The Library Story


“Sam, did you tell Mom about your library class today?”

Sam giggles and looks at mischievous.  “Mom, wanna hear about library class today?  You have to promise you won’t get mad before I tell you.”

Oh good grief!  This is going to be a humdinger of a story.

“All right, I promise.”

Sam revels in the moment–that moment where you know you have a great story to tell and you want to make sure you tell it just right for maximum impact.

“Ok, so we had to bring our thesaurus to library class today.”

His eyes are dancing.  He can’t wait to get to the end of the story, but he is going to stretch it out.  I know I am along for the ride.

“Well, I forgot to bring my book back, so I couldn’t check out any books.”

“Sam,” I say using my voice to convey I am appalled at the thought that he could not remember to bring his library book back on time.

“That’s not the good part, Mom.  Ugh!  So I am sitting a table, away from the library desk because, I don’t want her to realize I forgot my book.  And I can’t look for another book, so I have nothing to do.  So I decide to read my thesaurus.”  And with that, he begins to snicker.  We have finished climbing the hill and we are on our way down.

“I decide to look up words for toilet.  Man, I learned a lot!  I had no idea the thesaurus was such a good book to read! You can call it the john, the head, the loo, the latrine, the water closet…”  By this time, he is laughing so hard he can’t get another word out.  And not only is he laughing uncontrollably, but his father is laughing–hard–right along with him.

The sight of the two of them, laughing so hard they are crying makes me smile.  Fifth-grade humor.  Boys. Proud mama moment.  Oh, my!



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