My Twist


I drive.  A lot.  Most days, it’s about 4 hours a day.  Some days more.  Rarely less.  That means I have a lot of time to listen to music.  A couple of years ago, I switched to listening to Christian music fairly exclusively.  I noticed it made a difference in my attitude and how I dealt with things.  K-LOVE is a radio station that I can hear at home and on the drive to one of my schools. Certain songs speak to me more than others.  I find different lines dancing around inside my head. The other day, I was driving–6 hours this time–and I had an idea.  I decided to collect all my favorite lines from my favorite songs.  I remembered a poem Jane Yolen had written back in December 2014 in her daily poetry email.  I LOVED this poem.  She made all these references to literary characters in it and it was kind of like a game to see if I could identify the texts they were from as I read the poem.  I also remember someone doing a Found Poem for this SOLSC.  I have been wanting to try my hand at one of those.  So, this is a “twist” on both these ideas.  I created a variation of a “found poem” from some of my favorite lines from a variety of Christian songs and a variety of artists.  None of these lines are my words.  I just put them together.  If you listen to Christian music, see if you can identify the songs the lines are from.  This is the “game” part.

I sure hope this works.  🙂


I am not who I once was.

All my worries fade and fall to the ground.

You never let go, never leave my side.

I am holding onto You in the middle of the storm.

I will look back and see that you are faithful.

Your light is marvelous.

You’re the only one whose favor I seek.

You are the rain that washes me.

Your love is like a radiant diamond bursting inside me.

I have surrendered to Your design.

You’re not done with me yet.

I’m learning to be the light.


7 thoughts on “My Twist

  1. Found poems are some of the most fun because you get to use brilliant words of others. Very inspirational lines that speak to your heart. I think you’ve created a new type of poem. Some have created poems by the song titles on their ipods, but I don’t know of any who have used lines of the song. Well done!

  2. Hi Erin,
    We don’t drive nearly as far as you. Jen is only a few minutes from school, and I am about 50 minutes. But we both appreciate that music has changed your attitude. What a great way to start the day — with your faith and upbeat music.
    Darla & Jen

  3. Powerful last line – “I’m learning to be the light.” Beautiful! I’m not familiar with the music that you are quoting, but I wish I was b/c I bet it would be real fun to connect the lines to the songs. I enjoyed this!!

  4. I’m not familiar with the genre, but you have pulled amazingly beautiful lines that, when put together, have created something deep and thought provoking. This is wonderful. Makes me want to give it a try myself.

  5. This is so beautiful. You did it and created something stunning!

    You drive a whole heck of a lot. I couldn’t do what you do. I drove 90 – 120 minutes twice a week for two years and it didn’t agree with me. (Now, granted,I have neck/back issues so that might be the reason.)

  6. Erin, I love your found poem. I knew most of these lines. I have our station online so I can listen during lunch. My attitude and spirit lift. By chance, do you know Elsie? I think you and I could haven coffe and share stories. It is wonderful reading slices and getting to know people.

    • Elsie and I work together. 🙂 (Look at you, the detective following the clues.) I think coffee would be lovely! I am thrilled you recognized some of the lines in the poem! Yay! I hope you could hear them singing in your head as you read it. I can’t read this poem without singing it. It makes kind-of a crazy, beautiful song.

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