Meet Sam


“Are we going yet?”

“No, Sam.  Your mom is still out cold on the couch.”

I wasn’t out cold, but I was enjoying indulging in an evening nap.  Getting up at 4 am to walk was taking a toll. I could hardly keep my eyes open.

We were supposed to be going to Sam’s Club.  Scott had been to Sam’s Club last week and noticed they had raised garden bed kits for sale.  The week before, I had shared with some friends how I really wanted to have a raised garden bed and grown some veggies this summer.  He suggested we could drive over after dinner and check them out and see if they would work for me.  And because he knows his wife and son so well, he suggested we could get ice cream after our Sam’s visit.

“I’m up,” I called out.  “We can go.”  I really did want to check out the raised bed kits.

As we are walking down the driveway out to the car, I ask Sam, “Why are you so excited to go to Sam’s?”

Sam turns around and looks at me incredulously.  “You think I want to go to Sam’s and hang out with you?  I could stay here and play basketball, Playstation, or drums.  I’m going for the ice cream, man!”

And that is my son, Sam.  He is his mother’s son!

ice cream


5 thoughts on “Meet Sam

  1. Your ending made me laugh out loud. You put in just the right bits of dialogue to let the reader be right there with you and your family. So did you get a raised bed garden? My neighbor has several that he bought at Sam’s a couple of years ago.

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