Passing by the garage of my house, it was not uncommon to hear this conversation:

“Erin, hand me a Phillips screwdriver from the toolbox, please.”

“Is this it?”

“That’s the one.   Thanks.”

My dad loves to tinker and piddle around with broken things.  His goal is to take the unusable and make it work again.  To do that, he has to have access to a lot of tools.  Each tool in his toolbox has a particular purpose and function.  At three years old, I was the assistant.  Sweating in the garage, swatting flies, and passing tools–that was my job.   I was the nurse.   He was the surgeon.

Teachers use tools every day in their interactions with students.  Part of what makes the first days of school so difficult is matching “tools” to students.   Each student comes with different needs. Determining which “tools” are needed to meet the needs of each student can be overwhelming.  And sometimes, we discover we don’t have a “tool” that works for that student in our toolbox.

The purpose of this blog is to give you more tools for your toolbox.  Teaching literacy is hard.  Teaching it effectively and creating lifelong readers and writers is even harder.   You need many tools.  You need support.  You need a place to celebrate each step in the journey.   This is that place.   The place where you can discover a new tool for your toolbox.   The place where you can find a community to celebrate with along the journey.

Teaching is hard.  Let’s do it together.


One thought on “Toolboxes

  1. I look forward to reading and learning more about the tools you have used successfully. Don’t forget those of us who focus on secondary students.

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